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Discover the remarkable journey of Dr Dulangi S. Jayasundera, an esteemed scholar and accomplished educator…

Dr Dulangi S. Jayasundera commenced her research carrier at the world-leading medical research institute, QIMR Berghofer, in Australia. She pursued her doctorate with an honorary scholarship, focusing on drug discovery in malaria and publishing exciting research in top-ranked peer-reviewed journals. Prior to her doctoral studies, she contributed to the fight against vector-borne diseases as a junior scientist in the Singapore government.

Dr Jayasundera’s academic prowess extends beyond her research accolades. Graduating with first-class honours from the University of Colombo and earning the distinction of being the most outstanding student, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her leadership skills shine through her experience as a team captain in local and international badminton tournaments.

With a decade of dedicated tutoring, Dr Jayasundera has empowered numerous students to achieve exceptional results in VCE Biology. Her ability to simplify complex concepts and make learning engaging sets her apart as an exceptional educator. Through dedicated SAC preparation classes and comprehensive revision programs, she equips students for success in exams and lays a strong foundation for future studies, including medical degrees.

In 2023 only, one of Dr Jayasundera’s students achieved an impressive raw score of 50, showcasing the effectiveness of her teaching methods. Over the years, several students have attained raw scores in the 50s, demonstrating the extraordinary impact of her guidance and support.

Join Dr Dulangi S. Jayasundera’s tutoring sessions and embark on a journey of academic excellence in VCE Biology. 3

VCE Biology Study Design and Syllabus Units

  • Area of Study 1- How do cells function?
  • Area of Study 2- How do plant and animal systems function?
  • Area of Study 3- How do scientific investigations develop understanding of how organisms regulate their functions?
  • Area of Study 1- How is inheritance explained? From chromosomes to genomes.
  • Area of Study 2- How do inherited adaptations impact on diversity?
  • Area of Study 3- How do humans use science to explore and communicate contemporary bioethical issues?
  • Area of Study 1- What is the role of nucleic acids and proteins in maintaining life?
  • Area of Study 2- How are biochemical pathways regulated?
  • Area of Study 1- How do organisms respond to pathogens?
  • Area of Study 2- How are species related over time?
  • Area of Study 3- How is scientific inquiry used to investigate cellular processes and/or biological change?

VCE Biology 2024 Revision Program

Join our comprehensive VCE Biology Revision Program and embark on a journey to excel in your exams.

Our program is tailored to maximise your understanding of key concepts, refine your exam techniques, and boost your confidence. Through in-depth content review, targeted practice sessions, and personalized feedback, our experienced tutors will guide you every step of the way.

Unleash your full potential, achieve outstanding results, and confidently conquer the VCE Biology exam.

Exciting Course Features for VCE Biology

Our VCE Biology lessons are comprehensive, ensuring that every aspect of the syllabus is covered in detail. We prioritise your understanding of key concepts and topics, establishing a strong foundation for success. 

In addition to regular classroom teaching, we provide specialised SAC preparation sessions that focus on effective study strategies, feedback on practice assessments, and building confidence for SACs. 

Our ultimate aim is to fully prepare you for the VCE Biology exam. Through extensive revision programs and the inclusion of trial exams, we enhance your overall performance and equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your final assessment.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our VCE Biology lessons cover the entire curriculum, ensuring you have a solid understanding of all key concepts and topics.

SAC (School-Assessed Coursework) Preparation

In our SAC preparation sessions, you'll learn effective study strategies, receive valuable feedback on practice assessments, and gain the confidence needed to excel SACs.

Exam Readiness

Our lessons are designed to prepare you well for the VCE Biology exam. You'll engage in extensive revision programs and including trial exams to enhance your overall performance.

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