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Mrs. Margaret Ellwood

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School English Specialist

Achieve Excellence with Margaret Ellwood, Your Expert in Selective School Preparation!

Introducing Margaret Ellwood, a distinguished English instructor with over a decade of experience specialising in selective school preparation for students aiming to excel in the ACER tests.

Margaret’s outstanding track record is marked by a history of students successfully gaining admission to prestigious selective schools, including Melbourne High, MacRobertson Girls’ High, Nossal High, and Suzanne Cory High. These schools represent the top 4% of academic intake in Victoria, making entrance highly competitive and sought after.

Margaret’s teaching style is characterised by her kindness and engaging approach, making each session enjoyable and enriching. She focuses on individualised support, helping students craft high-scoring essays through personalised feedback and strategies tailored to each student’s unique strengths and areas for improvement.

Margaret offers flexible scheduling to accommodate your individual needs, prioritising onsite sessions followed by online options if required. She provides weekly exercises that involve writing high-scoring essays, enhancing students’ writing skills and preparing them comprehensively for the ACER examinations.

Understanding the importance of strategic exam techniques and comprehensive test preparation, Margaret uses her expertise to help students master the complex skills required for the ACER tests. Her approach involves a deep dive into past test papers, targeted practice sessions, and critical thinking exercises that build confidence and sharpen analytical skills.

Get in touch with Margaret today to begin your journey toward achieving your goals and securing a place in one of Victoria’s top selective schools.

Selective School English Preparation Program

  • Developing skills to understand and interpret various written texts.
  • Practicing multiple-choice questions based on passages provided.
  • Learning strategies to improve overall comprehension abilities.
  • Crafting well-organised narratives and persuasive texts.
  • Using appropriate language and structure to convey ideas effectively.
  • Receiving personalised feedback to refine and enhance writing techniques.
  • Reviewing past test papers and engaging in targeted practice sessions.
  • Building critical thinking and analytical skills for exam success.
  • Participating in comprehensive test preparation to boost confidence and performance.

Excel in Selective School English Exams

Join our comprehensive program led by expert Margaret Ellwood, designed to help students excel in selective school exams. We focus on enhancing key skills needed for top selective schools like Melbourne High and MacRobertson Girls’ High.

Our program includes in-depth content review, targeted practice sessions, and personalised feedback to maximise understanding, refine exam techniques, and boost confidence. Classes are available in Narre Warren, Mount Waverley, and online.

Unleash your potential, achieve outstanding results, and secure a place in Victoria’s prestigious selective schools with CaseyTutors.

Comprehensive Selective School English

Our Selective School English lessons are comprehensive, ensuring that every aspect of the ACER test is covered in detail. We prioritise your understanding of key concepts and topics, establishing a strong foundation for success.

In addition to regular classroom teaching, we provide specialised ACER preparation sessions that focus on effective study strategies, feedback on practice assessments, and building confidence for the ACER tests.

Our ultimate aim is to fully prepare you for the ACER tests.

Mastering Reading Comprehension

In our classes, students focus on improving their ability to understand and interpret written texts. Through guided practice, they work on strategies to effectively analyze passages and answer multiple-choice questions accurately..

Excelling in Writing

Our writing sessions are designed to enhance students' skills in crafting well-organised and compelling narratives or persuasive texts. Structured exercises and personalised feedback help them use appropriate language and convey their ideas clearly and effectively.

Comprehensive Preparation

The program includes detailed lessons, practice assessments, and continuous feedback. Emphasis is placed on developing students' comprehension and writing abilities, equipping them with the necessary tools and confidence to excel in the ACER tests.

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