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Specialist Maths

VCE Specialist Maths Expert: Wasantha Fernando

Wasantha Fernando is a highly accomplished mathematics tutor with a remarkable educational background…

He holds a Master of Engineering Science degree in Engineering and Technology Management from UNSW, a world-renowned institution, which has honed his expertise and knowledge in mathematics to unparalleled levels.

Wasantha pursued a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic and Telecommunication, further augmenting his understanding of the technical aspects of the field. Notably, Wasantha achieved a high Island Ranking of 15 during his VCE equivalent studies, reflecting his exceptional abilities in mathematics and unwavering commitment to academic excellence. In addition to his tutoring work, he also holds the position of Senior Technology Specialist.

With over a decade of dedicated tutoring experience, Wasantha has guided numerous students to achieve outstanding results in VCE Specialist Maths. His exceptional ability to simplify complex concepts and make learning engaging sets him apart as an exceptional educator.

Beyond tutoring, Wasantha extends his expertise to providing extensive support for Mathematica, Casio, and Tinspire tools. His proficiency in utilizing these mathematical software and hardware platforms allows him to enhance students’ learning experiences and provide them with valuable resources to further their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Join Wasantha Fernando’s mathematics sessions to unlock your full potential, gain a solid understanding of mathematical principles, and achieve outstanding results.

VCE Specialist Maths Study Design and Syllabus Units

  • Area of Study 1-Algebra, number and structure, proof and number,Graph theory and Logic and algorithms
  • Area of Study 2-Discrete mathematics, Sequences and series, Combinatorics and Matrices
  • Area of Study 3-Mathematical investigation
  • Area of Study 1-Data analysis, probability and statistics, simulation, sampling and sampling distributions
  • Area of Study 2-Space and measurement, Trigonometry,Transformations and Vectors in the plane
  • Area of Study 3-Algebra, number and structure and Complex numbers
  • Area of Study 4-Functions, relations and graphs
  • Area of Study 1-Discrete mathematics
  • Area of Study 2-Functions, relations and graphs
  • Area of Study 3-Algebra, number and structure
  • Area of Study 4- Calculus
  • Area of Study 5-Space and measurement
  • Area of Study 6- Data analysis, probability and statistics

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