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Meet Our VCE Physics Specialist!

Introducing Dharshana Salwathura, an exceptional physics tutor with over ten years of experience specializing in VCE education….

Dharshana’s track record boasts outstanding achievements, with students achieving raw 50 study scores and surpassing their own expectations to attain grades beyond their initial aspirations.

With a strong emphasis on visual learning methods, Dharshana employs interactive teaching techniques to enhance comprehension and retention of complex physics concepts. By utilising visual aids, simulations, and real-world examples, Dharshana ensures that students grasp the subject matter with ease, fostering a genuine passion for physics.

Whether you prefer online or onsite tutoring, Dharshana accommodates your learning preferences and offers flexible options to suit your schedule. Recognising that learning doesn’t always fit neatly into traditional class hours, Dharshana goes the extra mile by providing additional support outside of regular sessions. From addressing specific questions and clarifying doubts to offering guidance in EPI report writing, Dharshana is committed to helping you excel academically.

Armed with a specialised degree in physics, Dharshana possesses in-depth knowledge that extends beyond the standard curriculum. This allows for a comprehensive understanding of the subject, enabling Dharshana to address advanced topics and provide valuable insights that go beyond what is typically covered in the classroom.

Get in touch with Dharshana today to embark on an enriching educational journey.

VCE Physics Study Design and Syllabus Units

  • Area of Study 1: How are light and heat explained?
    • Electromagnetic radiation
    • Thermal energy
    • Interaction of thermal energy and electromagnetic radiation
  • Area of Study 2: How is energy from the nucleus utilised?
    • Radiation from the nucleus
    • Nuclear energy
  • Area of Study 3: How can electricity be used to transfer energy?
    • Concepts used to model electricity
    • Circuit electricity
    • Using electricity
    • Electrical safety in the home
  • Area of Study 1: How is motion understood?
    • Concepts used to model motion
    • Forces and motion
    • Energy and motion
    • Equilibrium
    • Application of motion
  • Area of Study 2: Options
    • How does physics explain climate change?
    • How do fusion and fission compare as viable nuclear energy power sources?
    • How do heavy things fly?
    • How do forces act on structures and materials?
    • How do forces act on the human body
    • How is radiation used to maintain human health?
    • How does the human body use electricity?
    • How can human vision be enhanced
    • How is physics used in photography?
    • How do instruments make music
    • How can performance in ball sports be improved?
    • How can AC electricity charge a DC device?

       How do astrophysicists investigate stars and black holes?
       How can we detect possible life beyond Earth’s Solar System?
       How can physics explain traditional artefacts, knowledge and techniques?
       How do particle accelerators work?
       How does physics explain the origins of matter?
       How is contemporary physics research being conducted in our region?

  • Area of Study 1: How do physicists explain motion in two dimensions?
    • Newton’s laws of motion
    • Relationships between force, energy and mass
  • Area of Study 2: How do things move without contact?
    • Fields and interactions
    • Effects of fields
    • Application of field concepts
  • Area of Study 3: How are fields used in electricity generation?
    • Generation of electricity
    • Transmission of electricity
  • Area of Study 1: How has understanding about the physical world changed?
    • Light as a wave
    • Light as a particle
    • Matter as particles or waves
    • Similarities between light and matter
    • Einstein’s special theory of relativity
    • Relationship between energy and mass
  • Area of Study 2: How is scientific inquiry used to investigate fields, motion or light?
    • Investigation design
    • Scientific evidence
    • Science communication

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Support at Your Fingertips: We understand that learning can happen anytime, anywhere. That’s why we’re always available to provide support. Contact us via text or email whenever you have questions or need clarification. 

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