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Meet Our UCAT Specialist!

Introducing Shanaka Jayakody – Your UCAT Expert ….

With over 11 years of dedicated coaching experience, Shanaka has an impressive track record of helping countless students achieve their dreams of entering medical schools.

Shanaka’s approach to UCAT preparation is unparalleled, providing personalized and purposeful guidance to each student. He understands the unique needs and schedules of his students, tailoring his tutoring sessions accordingly.

Grounded in cutting-edge research and high-performance strategies, Shanaka’s teaching methods empower students with the skills and techniques necessary to excel in the competitive UCAT exam. Weekly group classes allow students to progress through essential phases, focusing on familiarization, refinement, and mastery.

Following each class, students receive clear action items to reinforce their learning, while regular assessments measure progress, ensuring continuous improvement.

As part of the tutoring experience, students gain access to an innovative question platform featuring over 25,000 practice questions, 25 practice exams, and 40 section tests. Combined with Shanaka’s personalized guidance, students can confidently prepare for the UCAT.

We are thrilled to have Shanaka Jayakody tutoring at Casey Tutors, and we are confident that his expertise and commitment will empower our students to achieve their dream of entering medical schools and pursuing successful careers in medicine and dentistry.


Weekly Group Classes

-Phase 1 – Familiarising with UCAT and each question type
alongside skill development.
– Phase 2 – Refined methods and techniques for all sections and
question types.
– Phase 3 – Exam mastery. Focussing on practice exams, and exam
day mindset.

Each class is followed by clear action items to reinforce class learning.
Regular tests, exams and assessments to measure progress and
understand areas for improvement.

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