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2023 Honor Roll​

VCE Biology 2023:

We are delighted to share the remarkable results from various schools in the VCE Biology 2023 examinations. It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of both the students and educators. Here’s a glance at the incredible scores achieved:


πŸ† Top Achievers:

In 2023, approximately 30 Victorian students achieved a raw score of 50 in VCE Biology. Notably, one of these top achievers is a student from Casey Tutors

  • Melbourne High School: Astounding Raw Score of 50 – a perfect score!


πŸ† Outstanding Achievers:

  • MacRobertson Girls’ School: Incredible Scaled Score of 50 – pure excellence!

πŸ† Additional Remarkable Scaled Scores Above 44:

  • Melbourne High School: A showcase of excellence with scores of 49, 48, and 47.
  • MacRobertson: Demonstrating academic prowess with scores of 49 and 47.
  • Nossal High: An impressive array of scores with a 49, 46, 45, and 45,44 and 44.
  • Glen Waverley Secondary: Shining bright with a top score of 49.
  • Suzane Cory High: Outstanding 48
  • Mazenod College: Achieving a remarkable score of 47.
  • Kambraya College: Earning a noteworthy score of 46.
  • Haileybury: An outstanding 47
  • St. Margaret’s: Successfully securing a score of 44.

We are celebrating the success of around 45 students achieving scores over 40.



VCE Chemistry 2023:

We are immensely proud to highlight the exceptional achievements of students in the field of Chemistry. It’s noteworthy that scoring above 45 places these students in the top 1% in Victoria, a remarkable testament to their dedication and skill.


πŸ† Outstanding Achievers: scaled scores

  • Nossal High: An incredible score of 49, showcasing deep understanding and mastery in chemistry.
  • Haileybury: An impressive score of 48, reflecting great talent and hard work.
  • Nossal High: Another remarkable score of 48, reinforcing the school’s excellence in chemistry.

πŸ† High Performers: scaled scores

  • Nossal High: Strong scores of 47, demonstrating consistent effort and proficiency.
  • John Monash and other schools: Solid scores of 47, 46, and 45, indicating a good grasp of chemistry concepts.
  • Nossal High: Also achieving a noteworthy score of 46 and 44, adding to the school’s list of accomplishments.

VCE Specialist Mathematics 2023:

πŸ† Outstanding Achievers: scaled scores

  • Melbourne High: Exceptional achievements with a series of top scores: 53, 50, and two scores of 49
  • MacRobertson: Impressive accomplishments with scores of 49 and 48,
  • Girton Grammar School: A commendable score of 49,
  • John Monash: A notable score of 49,
  • Nossal High: A solid score of 48

πŸ† High Performers: scaled scores

  • The achievements of students across various schools, including Nossal High and John Monash, with strong scores of 47, 46, and 45, deserve special mention. These scores represent the students’ ability to tackle challenging mathematical problems and their commitment to academic excellence.

VCE Methods 2023

πŸ† Outstanding Achievers: scaled scores

  • Melbourne High: Exceptional scores of 48, demonstrating remarkable proficiency and understanding in mathematical concepts.
  • MacRobertson: Impressive achievement with a score of 48, showcasing strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

πŸ† High Performers: scaled scores

  • Melbourne High: Solid scores of 47, evidencing consistent performance and dedication.
  • Haileybury: Commendable scores of 47 and 45, reflecting a deep engagement with mathematical studies.
  • John Monash: Admirable scores of 46, indicative of a solid grasp of advanced mathematical principles.
  • MacRobertson: Notable score of 46, exemplifying hard work and a good understanding of the subject.

VCE Physics 2023:

πŸ† Outstanding Achievers: scaled scores

  • Haileybury: A stellar performance with an impressive score of 48, showcasing exceptional academic excellence.
  • Nossal High: Achieving an admirable score of 46, reflecting a strong commitment to academic success.


πŸ† High Achievers: scaled scores

  • Melbourne High: Consistently high performances with scores of 46, 46, and 43, demonstrating a solid understanding and mastery of Physics.
  • John Monash: A commendable range of scores, with two scores of 46, and additional scores of 43 and 41, indicating a high level of proficiency and dedication.
  • Ivanhoe grammar the team excelled with 41 points in science and 40 in Physics.

Thank you and greatful

We are immensely grateful to all instructors at Casey Tutors for their exceptional dedication and expertise in guiding our students. Each of you has contributed significantly to the success and confidence of our learners, and your passion for teaching shines through in every lesson. Your combined efforts have created a nurturing and effective learning environment that truly makes a difference.